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Pandemic Porch Performances 2020

So…. due to the lack of live human contact we’ve been putting on live shows from the porch of my house in Brighton. It took a few tries before we perfected the Sound and Staging. Also finessing the locals with a propensity for calling the cops at the first sign of rock n roll. We figured if we invited the Brighton Police to the gig before they were invited by the neighbors we had a much better chance of not seeing them at all,

Seven Performances in all, Number Six was probably the best AND it was recorded in full live by our buddy Scott Damgaard. The Mighty David Hull was playing bass so we did a bunch of his and some smokin’ covers. Look for it under Videos!! You shan’t be disappointed.


Also finally put up Here Comes Bernie With A Brand New Heart, a little ditty we managed to squeeze out right before the Democratic Party rallied and threw everything behind Biden when Bernie was getting close to winning it. I’m happy to live on this Planet the same time as Bernie Sanders. Never stop fighting. Don’t let the bastards drag you down.

Here Comes Bernie

In support of the Great Senator from Vermont Pete is working on a song for him which should be recording Monday and on some kind’ve youtube or facebook shortly after. Bernie, for Pete Cassani, is the only real choice and the best hope to return the United States Government to the People and not Corporations and Billions of Dollars that have corrupted it.  See what happens. Right now we’re in the middle of the Impeachment hearings. Not looking good for a fair trial with witnesses and documents. Pretty sad that the Senate of the US cannot hold a fair trial.

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